Project Description:

Kitsap Conservation District has entered an Inter-Local Agreement to provide free, custom rain garden designs to landowners living within the Manzanita watershed on Bainbridge Island.

Rain Garden Sample Planting Plan

Rain Garden Sample Planting Plan

What is a Rain Garden?

A rain garden is a shallow depression filled with a special soil mix and plants, designed to collect and filter water that flows off hard surfaces, like roofs and driveways. The rain garden soil mix and plants work together to quickly infiltrate runoff and remove pollutants.

What Should I Do Next?

To get more information or to request a site visit, contact Brian Stahl at or 360-204-5529 x112. Our staff will determine if your property lies within the Manzanita watershed. If it does, we will visit your property to determine whether the site and soils are conducive to having a rain garden and if they are, we will create a design for you and provide technical assistance during implementation.


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