About Us

Rain Garden at KCD Office

The Rain Garden & LID Program at KCD works cooperatively with county services, landowners, and local communities to expand knowledge and use of low impact development (LID) practices throughout Kitsap County.

With funding from Clean Water Kitsap, we help landowners to protect local water resources by providing information, technical assistance, and financial incentives toward the installation and maintenance of rain gardens and other LID solutions.

Our Services

Residential Rain GardenWe offer free site visits to any landowner in unincorporated Kitsap County to assess and discuss what LID projects are feasible for your property. If you are interested in pursuing any of these options, we offer free technical assistance and planning. For projects approved for financial assistance, we can often cover the majority of costs for installation and materials.

Since 2010, our cost-share program has helped landowners fund and install rain gardens. In 2014, our program expanded to include a number of new LID options in addition to rain gardens. These include rain barrels, lawn modification, soakage trenches, and native plants.

View our eligibility guidelines to determine if your project qualifies for assistance. To apply for financial assistance, download our program application. Check out the county’s guidelines on rain garden placement constraints.

What is a rain garden?

Rain gardens are designed to store and filter water that flows off of hard surfaces, like roofs and roads.

Learn more about the functions & benefits of rain gardens.

What is LID?

Low impact development (LID) focuses on ways that we can adapt human-constructed landscapes to reduce harmful impacts on natural resources and the environment.

Learn about different LID projects & their benefits.

Is your property eligible for assistance?

Our services are available for properties in unincorporated Kitsap County. We can only work on rain gardens & LID practices to retrofit existing structures (homes, buildings, roads, driveways), not for new construction.

For residents of incorporated Kitsap, visit our resource page for useful materials or request assistance from WSU Extension’s Rain Garden Mentor Program.