About Stream Restoration Planting

West Fork Creek, Sunde Road Culvert ReplacementKitsap Conservation District has collaborated with Kitsap County Public Works to provide and install plants for three major restoration and culvert removal projects. These projects help restore salmon habitat, reduce flooding and improve water quality. Native plants provide important benefits to these projects, such as erosion control, shade and habitat.

Clear Creek Floodplain Restoration

Kitsap Conservation District coordinated the planting of approximately 80,000 native plants for this floodplain restoration project. The project removed 1,500 feet of an existing road, replaced and upgraded two aging culverts, created 500 feet of new stream channel and restored up to 30 acres of stream floodplain and riparian habitat. Since 2017 KCD has helped maintain and monitor the riparian and upland planting areas of this site.

Dickerson Creek Culvert Replacement and Floodplain Restoration

Kitsap Conservation District produced planting plans and installed 9,000 native trees and shrubs in the riparian and upland areas at two sites along Dickerson Creek. The project replaced two aging and undersized culverts with fish passable culverts along Dickerson Creek at David Road and Taylor Road. Dickerson Creek, a major tributary of Chico Creek allows access to some of the best spawning habitat for chum salmon in the Chico Creek watershed. KCD continues to be involved in maintenance and monitoring of this project.

West Fork Clear Creek-Sunde Road Culvert Replacement

Kitsap Conservation District provided planting plans and assisted in the planting of this project. A 675’ length of Sunde Road was permanently closed and replaced with a path, in the process of removing the fish barrier culvert. The stream channel was widened and enhanced and a pedestrian/emergency vehicle bridge built.