Ordering for the 2024 Kitsap Conservation District Native Plant Sale is now closed!

Western Red Cedar

Thuja plicata

With its pyramidal shape and gracefully drooping sprays of foliage, Western Red Cedar is an icon of the Pacific Northwest. An important riparian restoration tree that provides shade, stabilizes stream banks and creates habitat, it is also a valuable landscape feature with major cultural significance. Considered fast growing, it can gain up to 2′ a year once established.

  • Mature height: 130′ to 200′
  • Mature width: 25′ to 60′
  • Light conditions: part shade to shade
  • Soil: moist
  • Sold in bundles of ten bare root-plants, 12″+ tall
  • $19.00 per bundle

Bare-root plants are dug when they are dormant and are sold without soil around the roots, packaged in plastic bags to keep them moist.