Tall Oregon Grape

Mahonia aquifolium

Native Pollinator

Fragrant bright yellow flowers bloom from early to late spring. The showy clusters of bluish-black berries which follow resemble clusters of grapes and are attractive to birds. The prickly foliage, which remains on the plant throughout the year, takes on a reddish tinge in winter. Tall Oregon Grape is an attractive ornamental as well as a valuable restoration plant, forming thickets and stabilizing soil with its rhizomatous root structure.

  • Mature height: 3′ to 15′
  • Mature width: 4′ to 12′
  • Light conditions: full sun to full shade
  • Soil: dry to moist
  • Sold in bundles of ten bare-root plants, 12″+ tall
  • $17.80 per bundle

Bare-root plants are dug when they are dormant and are sold with sawdust around the roots instead of soil.