Ordering for the 2024 Kitsap Conservation District Native Plant Sale is now closed!

Ocean Spray

Holodiscus discolor

New for 2024!

Native Pollinator

Ocean spray is known for its cascading clusters of fragrant, creamy white flowers. These lovely blooms attract hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. After blooming, the seeds provide food for birds, and the plant itself provides shelter for birds and small animals. Ocean spray is an attractive deciduous shrub, commonly found in forest and woodland environments. In the garden, it does well in shade or part shade and adapts to a variety of soil types. Water needs are moderate, and it can enjoy supplemental irrigation in drier areas.

  • Mature height: 3′ to 16′
  • Mature width: 10′ to 15′
  • Light conditions: part shade to shade
  • Soil: dry to wet
  • Sold in bundles of ten bare-root plants, 12″+ tall
  • $30.00 per bundle

Bare-root plants are dug when they are dormant and are sold without soil around the roots, packaged in plastic bags to keep them moist.