The 2022 Kitsap Conservation District Plant Sale is now closed. See you in December for next year's Plant Sale!

Henderson’s Checkermallow

Sildalcea hendersonii

Native Pollinator

Prolific deep pink flowers resembling hollyhocks bloom on tall stems from early to late summer. This charming perennial has a cottage garden quality, is attractive to native bees and is lovely in a rain garden.

  • Mature height: flowering stalks up to 5′
  • Mature width: 1′ to 2′
  • Light conditions: sun to part shade
  • Soil: moist to wet
  • Sold in bundles of ten large plugs
  • $25.00 per bundle

Plugs are grown in cylindrical tubes about 1″ in diameter. The roots of large plugs are approximately 8″ long.