Aruncus dioicus

Native Pollinator

Plumes of cream-colored flowers that resemble astilbe, bloom from late spring to early summer. This tall robust perennial is easy to establish (especially with some added compost) and is striking at the back of a border or in a woodland garden. Goatsbeard spreads by rhizomes and may reseed.

  • Mature height: 4′ to 6′
  • Mature width: 3′-6′
  • Light conditions: part to full shade
  • Soil: moist
  • Sold in bundles of ten medium-sized plugs
  • $15.00 per bundle

Plugs are grown in cylindrical tubes about 1″ in diameter. The seedling, roots and surrounding soil are removed from the tube, placed in bundles of 10 and wrapped in plastic before shipping. The roots of medium-sized plugs are approximately 5″ long.