Dog Violet


Viola adunca

Native Pollinator

New for 2024!

Dog violet is a hairy, compact plant growing from a small rhizome system. It grows in meadows and forests. The leaves are spade- or heart-shaped. The single-flowered inflorescence grows at the end of a long, very thin peduncle. The nodding flower is violet with five purple petals. Dog violet attracts butterflies and moths.

  • Mature height: 1′
  • Light conditions: sun to part shade
  • Soil: dry to wet
  • Sold in bundles of ten plugs
  • $33.75 per bundle

Plug plants are small seedlings grown in individual containers that vary in size and are about half the volume of a standard 4″ pot. They may have limited top growth due to the time of year they are distributed.

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