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Broadleaf Stonecrop

Sedum spathulifolium)

Native Pollinator

New for 2024!

Broadleaf Stonecrop is a native perennial herb that is found in rocky or mountainous areas. It tends to grow in a hanging or sprawling manner on the face of cliffs or steep rocky outcrops, often in shade. The leaves are somewhat thick and succulent. In spring the plant puts up an erect flower stalk with diminutive yellow flowers. It is evergreen but may shrivel somewhat in summer. Attracts butterflies.

  • Mature height: 1″ to 8″
  • Mature width: 1′ to 3′
  • Light conditions: part shade to shade
  • Soil: well-drained; dry
  • Sold in boxes of ten 4″ pots
  • $28.50 per box