The 2023 Kitsap Conservation District Native Plant Sale is coming soon! Check back December 1, 2022!

Beaked Hazelnut

Corylus cornuta

Native Pollinator

Flowering from mid-winter to early spring, Beaked Hazelnut has attractive drooping catkins that add winter interest before plants leaf out in the spring. The green roundish leaves turn a soft yellow in fall, and the shrub produces nuts that are a favorite of wildlife. The ascending branches form a roundish to vase-shaped multi-stem shrub that has a fibrous root system. Valuable for stabilizing soil, it is a fast-growing plant once established.

  • Mature height: 10′ to 15′
  • Mature width: 10′ to 15′
  • Light conditions: sun to part shade
  • Soil: prefers well-drained but tolerates clay; moist
  • Sold in bundles of ten bare-root plants, 12″+ tall
  • $27.60 per bundle

Bare-root plants are dug when they are dormant and are sold without soil around the roots, packaged in plastic bags to keep them moist.