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  • Hardwood Trees and Shrubs

    American Cranberry

    Viburnum opulus

    Native Pollinator

    Six-inch wide clusters of showy white flowers bloom from late spring to mid-summer. Translucent red fruits follow and often remain on the shrub through fall, complementing the stunning fall foliage. This arching shrub is a fabulous addition to a wildlife garden, hedgerow or yard. Note: This …

  • Hardwood Trees and Shrubs

    Beaked Hazelnut

    Corylus cornuta

    Native Pollinator

    Flowering from mid-winter to early spring, Beaked Hazelnut has attractive drooping catkins that add winter interest before plants leaf out in the spring. The green roundish leaves turn a soft yellow in fall, and the shrub produces nuts that are a favorite of wildlife. The ascending …

  • Groundcovers and ferns

    Coastal Strawberry

    Fragaria chiloensis

    Native Pollinator

    White flowers in spring are followed by sparse strawberries in summer. This vigorous evergreen groundcover can easily fill in large open areas in a relatively short period of time, if watered and weeded the first three summers after planting.

    • Mature height: 3″ to 10″
    • Mature width: wide-spreading
    • Light …
  • Perennials

    Common Camas

    Camassia quamash

    Native Pollinator

    Light to dark blue and sometimes white flowers bloom from early to late spring. The leaves can be mowed in the summer, when the bulbs are dormant. Plant camas in a meadow, ecology lawn or rain garden, or mix with other spring flowering bulbs.

    • Mature height: …
  • Groundcovers and ferns

    Deer Fern

    Blechnum spicant

    This graceful and tidy fern looks good year-round with enough shade and moisture. Two types of fronds, drooping evergreen around the outside and upright deciduous in the center, give it an interesting two-toned quality. A nice feature plant or small-scale groundcover, Deer Fern is pretty in a woodland garden, next to a path or in a shady …

  • Evergreen Trees

    Douglas Fir

    Pseudotsuga menziesii

    A pyramidal and densely branched conifer, Douglas Fir is useful for restoration and habitat enhancement. Commonly grown for lumber or as a Christmas tree crop, it is relatively fast growing at up to 2′ per year. Light shade will help in its establishment, but ultimately it will grow best in full sun.

    • Mature height: 120′ to 200′
    • Mature …
  • Evergreen Trees

    Grand Fir

    Abies grandis

    Grand Fir has a full symmetrical shape when young, which makes it a good choice for Christmas trees or as an attractive addition to the landscape. It is also useful for wildlife habitat, restoration or timber. Grand Fir establishes fairly quickly in moist partly shaded sites, but will grow best in full sun after a couple of …

  • Groundcovers and ferns

    Kinnikinnick variety ‘Massachusetts’

    Arctostaphylos uva-ursi ‘Massachusetts’

    Native Pollinator

    Showy pinkish-tinged white flowers bloom from April to May on this low growing evergreen groundcover. A good choice for open areas with sandy soil, Kinnikinnick can be slow to establish. Plan to apply mulch and weed until plants fill in. Variety ‘Massachusetts’ has abundant flowers …

  • Hardwood Trees and Shrubs

    Mock Orange

    Philadelphus lewisii

    Native Pollinator

    Showy fragrant white flowers cover the branches from late May into summer, making this a valuable pollinator plant as well as a sweet-smelling addition to the landscape. Squirrels and birds eat the seeds later in the summer. Mock Orange is considered drought …

  • Wildflower Seed

    Native Pollinator Seed

    Pacific NW Variety

    Native Pollinator

    This mix of 100% true Pacific Northwest native annual and perennial species provides an ongoing succession of bloom over multiple years. Twenty-six species bloom from spring to early fall and attract native bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and beneficial insects. The native bunch grasses included in the …