Community Food System Specialist

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Two 10-month terms available between Sept 1, 2024 – Aug 31, 2025

The Community Food System Specialist will address poverty and food insecurity by increasing the volume of healthy, fresh foods distributed to food banks by the GRACE Program’s existing hunger relief activities and support relationships between hunger relief programs, farmers, and community partners. The member will assist with the Farm to Food Pantry (F2FP) and Farm to Freezer (F2FR) Programs by coordinating with farmers and food processors to distribute fresh and processed items to food banks and assist the GRACE Program in growing, harvesting and distributing fresh produce.

Kitsap Conservation District’s GRACE Garden Project Farm to Community Programs, serve food insecure children, families and seniors in Kitsap County. These programs work to expand capacity in the Kitsap hunger relief system, extend hunger relief programming to mobility-limited, underserved communities, and support ongoing activities to increase access and equity in the local food system by providing fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables.

This position offers:

  • Monthly Stipend of $2,276 (Member equity enhancement stipend increase of $272 available for qualifying applicants)
  • $4326.50 education award that can be used for future schooling or to pay off existing qualified student loan debt (upon successful completion of the service term, subject to federal tax)
  • Basic health insurance (not including vision coverage)
  • Workers compensation coverage
  • Assistance with childcare costs
  • Forbearance (temporarily postponing paying off a loan) of qualified student loans during the service term
  • Payment of interest on qualified student loans that accrued during the service term (paid after successful completion of service term)
  • Serving in a full-time AmeriCorps position qualifies as “employment” towards the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program

We provide robust professional development opportunities during the service term and fresh organic vegetables all year long.

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