The SNAP Market Match Program DOUBLES the amount of EBT dollars you’ll be able to use on fresh veggies and fruits up to $40. Lots of chances to put delicious local vegetables in your basket!

Farm to Food Pantry farmers have been generously supplying fresh produce to local food banks, and you can also find them at your local farmers market.
Look for the Farm to Food Pantry booth sign and let our farmers know you love and appreciate the bounty of their fields.

Farmers participating in the 2022 Kitsap Farm to Food Pantry Program include:

  • Bainbridge Island Farm (Bainbridge FM)
  • Blackjack Valley Farm (Farmstand)
  • Butler Greens Farm, Bainbridge Island (Bainbridge FM)
  • Courter Country Farm, Poulsbo (Farmstand)
  • Fat Turnip Farm, Kingston (Farmstand)
  • Full Tilth Farm, Poulsbo (Poulsbo FM)
  • Leets Local Lettuce (Port Orchard FM)
  • Lovely Blueberries, Poulsbo (Farmstand)
  • Persephone Farm, Indianola (Bainbridge FM)
  • Pumphouse Farm (Poulsbo FM)
  • Roots Farm, Poulsbo (Bremerton FM)
  • Walker Meadow Farm, Poulsbo (Poulsbo FM)
  • Wintercreek Farm, Poulsbo (Poulsbo FM)

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