Doo for You and Plant Sale JM (1) TreeSale2014_MichaelBrianPeople throughout Kitsap will be busy in their yards (if the rain ever stops). Last Friday & Saturday (Feb. 28 & Mar. 1) were the pickup days for our annual Native Plant Sale.

Thousands of plants were reserved in January and plenty of enthusiastic folks turned up to collect their orders.

Several local native plant nurseries joined us at the Fairgrounds Sheep barn with additional plants for sale.


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Saturday was also our annual ‘Doo for You’ event, where we give out free aged manure from the previous year’s county fair.

Around 75 people showed up to collect free doo.

Kitsap’s Parks and Recreation department provided and operated a loader to fill the trucks, and KCD sent a staff member to hand out safety information and composting instructions to all of the participants.


Doo for You and Plant Sale JM (15)

Kelly and Lenny: Ready to inform the public

Doo for You and Plant Sale JM (9)

No truck? No problem! A shovel and buckets got the job done, too.











Trucks of all colors, shapes, and sizes lined up.










Doo for You and Plant Sale JM (12)

Sometimes, there was quite a long wait. But the people found ways to keep themselves entertained…

img dog roll

…as did the dogs