Rain Garden & LID Demonstration Sites

Throughout the county, there are a number of demonstration rain garden & LID sites that have been installed as part of our community education and outreach efforts. These sites are selected to have the greatest combination of educational and environmental value.

Brookwood Lane: Kitsap’s first ‘Green Street’

Rain garden on NW Brookwood LaneRain garden on NW Brookwood Lane

Kitsap County, the Conservation District, and the homeowners in this neighborhood collaborated to install ten street-side rain gardens. The first rain garden on the street is marked with an educational sign. By building several rain gardens in one neighborhood, we can achieve the most ‘bang for our buck’ because it minimizes travel time & distance for the excavation equipment and our crew. It also provides a great opportunity for community building by bringing neighbors and friends out to work towards – one that offers to make their street both more beautiful and more environmentally responsible. Everyone in the neighborhood has the opportunity to learn about the negative impact when rain mixes with the heavy metals, chemicals, and other toxins on our roads, and then flows into local waterways. They also have the chance to help build a solution.

Rain garden on NW Brookwood LaneRain Garden on NW Brookwood Lane

If you think your street or neighborhood should be our county’s second Green Street, call us at (360) 204-5529 or email m-korch@kitsapcd.org

LID Installations at Kitsap Fairgrounds

Fairgrounds (10) Rain garden at Fairgrounds (President's Hall)
The Kitsap Fairgrounds is home to a number of LID solutions. Along with the two rain gardens at President’s Hall (above), there is a third rain garden filtering water runoff by the Fairgrounds’ manure storage site (below).

Fairgrounds RG2013 (3)There is also a large stormwater—or bioretention—pond and a section of permeable pavement (below). These installations are marked with educational signs so that the public can learn about the benefits of LID tools.

Stormwater pond at the Kitsap Fairgrounds  DSCN0592

School Rain Gardens

Silverwood School As Built 2013 (1) Rain garden at Crosspoint Academy

West Hills STEM Academy As Built Picture (15)Rain gardens are an excellent example of conservation projects that are both functional and educational. We have worked with many schools as the program developed over the past four years, and continue to do so. These projects are some of the highlights of our program because of the opportunity to teach young people about water pollution and conservation while showing them how to reduce their community’s impact on the surrounding ecosystems.


Here at KCD’s Office

KCD RG copy KCD Rain Garden in a Box
Our office is open to the public and anyone is welcome to visit the office for a tour of our LID features! Call our main office line (360-204-5529 kcd@kitsapcd.org) to ask about scheduling a time for a tour.

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