Agriculture Technical Assistance

Forming Partnerships to Accomplish More

The Kitsap Conservation District encourages landowners to incorporate Best Management Practices that benefit the landowner and the environment by increasing farm productivity, protecting water quality and reducing soil erosion. KCD works together with the landowner on a voluntary cooperative basis. KCD coordinates technical assistance and cost share incentives to support good stewardship of our natural resources. Kitsap Conservation District is also a partner with the Kitsap County Surface and Stormwater Management Program.

Helpful Programs offered by Kitsap Conservation District:

  • Water quality enhancement and improvement
  • Farm conservation design plans
  • Pasture management
  • Livestock manure management
  • Soil erosion reduction
  • Stream bank restoration and protection
  • Rain garden water infiltration techniques
  • Wildlife habitat enhancement

Farm Plans:

  • Tailored to the landowners property
  • Personalized to meet the landowners goals and water quality issues
  • Modified as landowners objectives change
  • Incorporate Best Management Practices to conserve natural resources

Providing Cost Share Incentives:

  • USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA)-offers financial assistance for commercial farmers who are interested in applying for programs relating to farming activities.
  • Conservation Commission Water Quality Cost Share – this funding draws upon Centennial Clean Water Funds to assist both commercial and non-commercial farmers who are interested in implementing water quality improvements on their property.
  • Rain Garden Cost Share Program – Surface and storm water funds to install rain gardens as an approach that directs runoff into depressed areas with amended soils that slow water and allow it to soak into the ground water system.

Special Services:

  • “Doo for You” Annually in the spring, people needing manure for soil amendments can pick up aged manure from the Kitsap County Fairgrounds during the “Doo for You” event.
  • Speakers Bureau-District employees offer presentations which are tailored to your group’s needs. Presentations cover natural resource protection, water conservation, rain gardens and other Low Impact Development (LID) options, or farming issues.
  • Tree Sale-Each spring the Conservation District sponsors a low-cost seedling sale. The species offered are mostly native plants with strong conservation qualities. The Tree Sale Newsletter goes out in January so plants can be pre ordered to be picked up in March.